MotoGP Mugello 2011


Casey Stoner up front with Ben Spies and Marco Simoncelli at second and third. What about in the race?

23 LTG.. Stoner leads the way like a bullet.
22 LTG.. Hayden off the track but he manages to go back on the race.
21 LTG.. Stoner leads with fastest lap record.
20 LTG.. Battle for 6th, Rossi at 10th.
19 LTG.. Battle for 2nd, Lorenzo vs Dovizioso.
17 LTG.. Rossi up to 8th.
15 LTG.. Dovi up to 2nd. Stoner breaks circuit record.
14 LTG.. Simoncelli misses the cornering line after the straight.
11 LTG.. Lorenzo retakes the 2nd.
10 LTG.. Simoncelli and De Puniet still alive.
8 LTG.. Lorenzo approaches Stoner. Trouble on Stoner?
6 LTG.. Lorenzo breaks circuit records, passes Stoner from the inside line.
Last Lap.. Dovi up to 2nd, Stoner 3rd.

Lorenzo is magnificent, Dovi 2nd and Stoner 3rd.


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