What Do People Live For ? Dream Rangers

A friend of mine sent me this YouTube! link, contained a very damn good – wicked – inspiring tv commercial about men at their old ages. Actually this is a commercial for a bank in Taiwan – TC Bank -. Short movie contains a story about old men – average 81 – who try to fulfil their togetherness by building a trip across Taiwan in 13 days. Old memory photo awaken their spirit to once again making a historical motorcycle trip, the different is they already losing their two closest friends.

This is how the readings on the video is written :
Based on a true story.

What do people live for?
To miss someone?
To keep living?
To live longer?
Or, to leave?

“Let’s go ride motorcycles!”

5 Taiwanese.
An average age of 81.
1 has a hearing problem.
1 has cancer.
3 have heart disease.
Every one of them has degenerative arthritis.

6 months of preparation.
13 days traveling around the island.
1139 kilometers.
From the north to the south.
From night to day.
For one simple reason.

What do people live for?


For ordinary people with extraordinary dreams.

And … this is the video … shed a tear and cry out loud for a trip. Forget the appropriate apparel and mind the togetherness. Very touching indeed.


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