Jakarta – Purwakarta PP

a Long weekend made me has no choice than to speed up my City Sport and take her for a ride. Destination : Jatiluhur, Friday April 10, 2009. Woke up early at 5 wasn’t so difficult thing to do. The schedule was to leave Bekasi at 08 from the pit stop at Petronas gas station (West Bekasi). First, i’d like to make comment for this Petronas, i thought it was a clean space like Shell, but i went wrong. The toilet is out of order and the Green colour of Petronas as not as clean as Shell. Pertamina ? no way, there is only a few Pertamina clean gas station we can find. Not good as i thought, come on Petronas, clean up !

Arif, one of my companion arrived with his word .. “don’t speed up later bro”, since that is his first touring with us at KHCC (Karisma Honda Cyber Community). Next, DJ (Djoko) and Somadto arrived, as we wait for another group from Jakarta. Finally we start to run the engine at around 8.30 (forget the exact time). Me, who always take notes like kilometres and so on had to easily dissapoint since i left my book at home .. arrghh .. i cannot count the exact miles and riding duration. Around 15 riders hit the road to Purwakarta. Most riders ride Honda Karisma & Karisma X alongside with one Honda Vario dan my Honda City Sport.

We took the route “Pantura”, from Bekasi – Tambun – Cibitung – Cikarang thru Klari then Purwakarta (Jatiluhur). By 11 we finally arrived then made Prays at nearest Mosque while we’re waiting a few friends to ride along. After praying, we went to Jatiluhur Dams to take lunch. Unfortunately the menu was too slow to show, almost we had to make hard complaint to the restaurant. Me, who’s not to keen on fish food (prefer fresh water than sea water) had to eat it all. I was hungry .. arrghhh .. okey okey .. later i was full and ready for taking 15 mins powerful nap to accelerate fitness before riding to next detination, Cirata Dams, about an hour journey from Jatiluhur near Jonggol route.

We end the journey at Cirata around 17 while sun set off the bridge. Well this dams (Cirata) looks better for me than Jatiluhur, at least that friday ride. The sun has set, we gotta go home. Instead of reaching Bandung we decide it to make this trip one way round Jakarta – Jatiluhur – Jakarta. Route home took place normal road from Purwakarta to Cikampek. The road was awful when we hit Cikampek, too many mini holes on the street so that we had to escape too many times.

Overall the journey went fine, unless the missing (kilometres) data that i used to make. We took a rest for snack + coffee near Tambun – Kalimalang before we hit our own ride home, at 23 i landed my City Sport home at last. What a single day ride. Zzzz .. zzz.


4 thoughts on “Jakarta – Purwakarta PP”

  1. Salaam Bro, mo tanya nich.Itu breket samping bikin keknya yah?bisa kasih info dimana bikinnya bro?Hadi aka calm28 Cysers JKT 084

  2. awalnya itu dibuat hanya untuk mengisi kekosongan di pantat cs1 aja, tanpa ada niat apa2, selain itu bisa buat penahan side bag jika mau pake. Awalnya saya pakai side box E21 tapi untuk harian justru tidak terpakai (only turing), plus BU akhirnya di lepas.itu dibuat di bengkel bracket langganan di Bekasi. Bengkel Edward, cukup populer buat yang doyan pesen bracket untuk wilayah Bekasi.

  3. Wah, klo udah bosan boleh pindahin deh ke CS1 ane nich bro he3x.CS1 ane sich kemarin pake sidebox, tapi berhubung sering tembus klo hujan trus nyari sidebag dgn ukuran yg sama dengan e21 yang akhirnya dapet juga di daerah rawasari dengan cover rainsuit nya tapi pastinya untuk menahan agar kokoh dibutuhin bracket.Melihat bracket yg dipake bro Andry waktu kopdar panahan jumat minggu kemarin tertarik tapi pas mo minta lamatnya eh bor Andry menghilang? So tanya dech mbah google. So bisa minta lamat lengkapnya gak Bro?thx sebelumnya

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